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Our Long Island dog training school has helped many families in Nassau and Suffolk.  We can help you too!  Our dog training and behavior modification for aggressive and serious dominant dogs on Long Island have high success rates causing many families to retain and coexist happily with their puppy or dog.

We understand that it is very heartbreaking to have a dog or puppy that you have so much love for but displays aggression, especially, if this was not always the case.  That said, this is one of our main reasons for taking on dog aggression and serious dominant issues with puppies and dogs on the Island.

Is your dog exhibiting the following aggressive or dominant behaviors? 

Does your dog become aggressive when someone is at the door?

Does your puppy or dog lunge, growl or bark excessively at other dogs?

Maybe, your dog barks and snarls at other people or just males, females or someone wearing a hat, hoodie or big jacket?

Does your dog show aggression towards you, or certain other family members?

Does your dog or puppy back up, or move behind you when meeting someone?

Has your dog ever attacked someone while they were leaving and their back was turned away?

Has your dog growled, snarled or even snapped at you or another human when you were too close to his or her food bowl; what about another dog?

Is your dog or puppy fine with their food, but taking a bone or a specific toy from them turns them into this aggressive dog?

Do you find it very difficult to walk your dog because of the aggressive pulling on the leash to get to other dogs or people?

Have you ever tried to move your dog from a specific location(s) and she or he became aggressive with a growl, or snapped at you?

Has your dog ever sent you mixed signals, leading you to believe that everything was OK, and then, out of NO where, attacks some one?

Imagine Having Control Over Your Dog or Puppy!

Our dog training school has helped many Long Islanders manage and improve their quality of lifewith their aggressive dog or puppy.  Only if you could imagine how it would feelto actually be confident, empowered, happy and healthywhile walking your dog or puppy on a leash without incident or the mere thought of one.  Our Long Island dog trainers have the expertise, the commitment and level of training that allows this to happen.

If you’ve wondered what it would be like to NOT have to crate or isolate your dominant or aggressive dog or puppy when family, friends, or co-workers are visiting feels like, maybe, for you, this could be a reality.  We have helped many fellow Long Island residents rehabilitate their relationships with their dominant dogs.  Aggression comes in many different forms, but nothing beats having a dog or puppy that you understand and can communicate with.

We are one of the few Long Island dog training schools that take on aggression and serious dominance in dogs and puppies.  If you have been told that your dog or situation is beyond help, other dog trainers have refused to work with your dog or her, or you may have hired another dog trainer on Long Island, but the results were unsuccessful, you may want to consider Dedicated Dog Training of Levittown, NY, to handle your dog’s aggression or dominance.

Living with a serious dominant or aggressive dog can be very challenging; training an aggressive dog can be very rewarding!  Many dog owners own Long Island contact us for our professional dog training with aggressive dogs.

How Can Our Long Island Dog Training School Help You?

First off, we can give you a very detailed explanation of what and why your puppy or dog is displaying such behaviors, from there, we jump right into addressing your main concerns and objectives.  After that, the prevention, management, rehabilitation and a new way of life with your dog begins!

If you choose to form a partnership with our Long Island dog training school and enroll into the best suited dog behavior modification program for you and your dog, we can help by providing you with the information and tools needed to allow you to retain, manage, coexist and yes, even ENJOY your puppy or dog.

Many times our programs empower the puppy or dog owner to be able to have company over and NOT have to put their dog away – Exercising complete control over their puppy or dog.

Numerous times, our members find themselves heeling with their dog and enjoying a nice stress-free walk.  Our main objective when training dogs for aggression is to provide the dog owner with:

  1. Confidence;
  2. Communication;
  3. Assertiveness;
  4. Power

But, most importantly….knowledge!

Our Long Island dog trainers will:

  1. Supply 24/7 support for our members and their dogs on Long Island.
  2. Listen to the dog owner, finding out what they want, and providing a program to achieve their goals.
  3. Address any and all concerns the dog owners may have.


The First Step, the Consultation

A sixty to ninety minute consultation will help us to determine what type(s) of aggression your dog or puppy has, the triggers, the severity of the aggression, the type of response, and the method(s) to handle it.

After making our observations and asking some questions, we will advise you of the best course of action to take to:reduce, manage and change the dog’s response.

These programs will consist of scenarios that elicit the unwanted dog aggression or dominance, they will be supervised in a controlled environment where your dog is able to make choices but we are able to control the outcome.

In addition to rehabilitating your dog or puppy from their aggression, we will teach you how to get and maintain leadership over them (the foundation for handing aggressive dogs), helping them to relax and not over exaggerate a change in their environment as is the trigger from many forms of aggression.

Upon completion of our dog training evaluation in Long Island, we will recommend a “plan-of-action.”  If you decide to move forward, we will begin your and your dog’s rehabilitation program.  Please contact us.


Training Aggressive Dogs on Long Island

In order for us to train your aggressive dog it is important that you realize that we will not ONLY be training your dog, but we will be TRAINING you too (this is why most dog training schools fail when dealing with aggression and dominance).  The dog often responds to the dog trainer, because he or she views that dog trainer as a pack leader; this is why, with the exception of a few cases, we do not have board and train programs for aggressive dogs.  Realizing this, Dedicated Dog Training believes increasing your SUCCESS is to get you involved.

You would be surprised to find out how many dog owners are afraid of their puppy or dog.  Before we begin dog training for aggressive dogs, it is imperative that the owner understand that we will be teaching them (the dog owner) about:

  1. Respect;
  2. Leadership;
  3. Trust;
  4. Rules and
  5. Boundaries

Our dog trainers on Long Island aren’t only talented at training puppies and dogs, but they possess a strong ability to train you as well on how to position yourself as the pack leader.

Dog training for aggressive dogs is very different than command training for a hyper-active dog; aggression is an emotionally driven state often coupled with genetics (the details for a blog post or article).  That behavior often places the dog in the highest drive, it needs to be interrupted, before changed.  If your dog views you as insignificant, you will not be afforded the opportunity to show him or her other ways.

Many of our clients have told us that prior to teaming up with Dedicated Dog Training they were informed by other Long Island dog training schools that the program they use for training an aggressive dog is a command approach only; in other words, they will train the aggressive dog to respond differently by employing commands.  Does this work when training dominant or aggressive dogs?

Look!  There is no doubt about it –dog training commands help to accomplish certain objectives, a dog that does not have aggression or serious dominance issues, is a great candidate for obedience training; however, training an aggressive dog by use of ONLY commands, this technique is great for preventing and managing, but exposure and conditioning is ALSO needed to help reduce the intensity of the aggression.  Often, command training alone, will not yield compliance.

Our approach to aggressive dog training on Long Island is to:

  1. Show you how to prevent accidents from happening;
  2. Show you how to manage your dog in such a way enables you to have control over him or her around others.
  3. Recommend a behavior modification that will encourage better responses from your dog.

Anyone of our competing Long Island dog training schools will probably agree that dog training has two (2) main components in order for it to be successful for the long term, they are:

  1. The dog must RESPECT you;
  2. The dog must KNOW the commands

If you ask a dog or puppy to COME to you in the face of distraction, if one of the above is NOT present, they will not COME, it is that simple!

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