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Because dog aggression and serious dominance issues are a very severe part of dog training with just about unlimited scenarios, situations, philosophies, challenges and solutions, we have decided to create an independent site that directly addresses behavior in dogs and puppies.  And can better help the dog owner in identifying what type of aggression(s) their dog or puppy is displaying, the severity, and their options based not only on their dog, but their home’s physical structure as well as their family structure.

Dedicated Dog Training is a full service dog training service based in Levittown, New York.  We provide your traditional command dog training on Long Island and NYC.  Dog training, like many other industries has many different components, some are more easily understood and accepted by your traditional dog owner, others are not.  Whence, the development and implantation of this site dedicated to Dominance and Aggression dog training issues on Long Island.

Dominance and aggression are different states than a hyper-active puppy or unruly dog.  These issues are unfortunately not as easy as a lack of understanding of what is expected of them, or comprehending what is, or refuses to succumb to their temptations, better known to us as distractions.  No…. severe dominance and aggression is driven by emotions, genetics, and environmental stimuli.

The name of the game is “behavior modification,” which requires a concerted effort from the dog (of course), the owner and the dog trainer.  Recently, on Long Island, aggressive dogsseem to be on the rise; this is according to our call-outs and evaluations.  There are a few reasons why a dog or puppy is aggressive, many times, it is bad breeding; on top of that, bad up-brining, sometimes intentionally, but mostly unwittingly or an event in the environment or series of events which exasperates an already weak nerved puppy or dog.

With commitment and the proper guidance Dedicated Dog Training has helped many families in Long Island and their surrounding Towns.

Why does Dedicated Dog Training take on these aggressive dogs and puppies on Long Island?

We do it simply because we are dog trainers!  Our job is to assist dog and puppy owners, and try to save a relationship that may be soon ending.  There is a great deal of accomplishment when you are able to “command” train a dog on Long Island that has no aggression or sever dominance, but it is an entirely different story and feeling when you are able to save a dog from leaving a family’s home and headed to the pound.

Can’t a dog training school make it without providing services for very dominant or aggressive puppies or dogs?


Is the risk substantially higher when dealing with these types of dogs?

You better believe it!  But it is much higher for a family that is unaware of how to prevent, manage and safely and correctly modify their dog or puppy’s behavior.

Can a dog training school accurately predict if their dog will rid themselves of this, and how long it will take for their dog to overcome their aggression?

Unfortunately, All dogs are different, have different backgrounds, stimuli, responses, etc….We can tell what type of aggression your dog has, the trigger(s), the severity, and prepare a program for you consisting a prevention, management, and behavior modification.  These programs have proved time and time again that positive change happens very frequently!

If you are on the verge of making a decision to surrender your puppy or dog, you may want to consider what our Long Island dog training school has to offer.  As always, we can be reached out 516.512-9111 or James(at)DedicatedDogTraining(dot).com



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