Long Island Dog Training Services for Aggressive Dogs

Not all aggression is the same, as a matter of fact the implementation of this site was for that very same reason; we just felt that there is way too much information, complex information to be placed on our initial site.

There are so many different levels of aggression in dogs.  There are also so many different types of dog aggression: fear aggression (this is very common), dog on dog aggression, food aggression, dog on dog food aggression, people aggression, resource guarding, territorial aggression, handler aggression, dominant aggression, and the list of aggression in dogs go on and on.

Because aggressive dog training has so many variables involved, including the dog or puppy owner’s views on dog ownership,we MUST schedule a consultation; this consult takes approximately sixty (60) minutes.  Included is a long questionnaire to get an accurate idea of what is going on in the household, the causes and effects, the trigger(s), the severity, the current method of handling (many times, this encourages or augments the aggression).

During the consultation we will of course, evaluate your puppy or dog, determine what type of aggression(s) he or she possesses, the severity, the triggers and methods to change the response.  We will also make recommendation on things that you can implement to create a more balanced life-style for the dog, but more importantly for your family and the dog.

At the conclusion of the consult, you will receive via email a detailed report (1 to 4 pages, usually) with suggestions for a DIY program (again this is dependent on the type of aggression and recommendation to a partnered program with Dedicated Dog Training.  Although, the outcome, unlike your more conventional dog training can’t be predicted with great accuracy (this is because aggression in dogs are driven by emotions, not conscience decisions, with genetics playing a vitalrole on how far a dog can go), you will receive a round-about, ball park figure, if you will on what your expectations should be.

At the very least, you will be armed with a better understanding of your dog’s aggression diagnosis, the severity, and suggestions on how to prevent liabilities, as well as DIY programs, and our recommendations regarding a program where you are partnered with us.  But most importantly, you will receive an idea of realistic expectations.

Great dog training and aggressive dog training on Long Island has always been what we are popular for, but Dedicated Dog Training’s true corner stone is our dedication, honesty and integrity!

If you are committed to keeping your dog or puppy, contact us – we can help!

Our sixty to 90 minute consultation takes places in and around your home (where the aggression is occurring).

  • This consultation consists of many, many questions
  • Evaluation and observation of your dog
  • Observation of family and dog interaction
  • Identification of trigger(s)
  • Response identification and severity of aggression(s)
  • Pack leadership guidelines
  • Recommendations and suggestions
  • DIY plans
  • Hybrid (preventive, management and rehabilitation) approach to dog aggression
  • Partnership dog training on Long Island
  • Introduction to dog training equipment & their functions


After Your Evaluation

Assuming that we fulfilled our dog training obligations by explaining to you your options, provided your detailed report, and determined that your participation in one our aggressive dog training Long Island programs may be a fit, the next easy step is to set up our first lesson, which is scenario based and lasts 45-60 minutes.

During the lessons, plenty of verbal instruction to you and your family, including, but not limited to: trigger observations, interpretation of body movements, corrections (where appropriate to interrupt the thought pattern of your dog or puppy, rewards where warranted; this is in addition to the practical, hands on application and experience you will receive on your puppy or dog under the supervision of one of our Long Island dog trainers.

During the lesson you will have the opportunity to ask any and all questions that you may have.  Our job in our Behavior Modification Lessons is to train your puppy or dog, teach you, and enable you to be able to run through these scenarios and set-ups without us; when all these things click – Now We Are Training!

If you would like more information on how our consultations and programs work, please do not hesitate to contact us at James(at)DedicatedDogTraning(dot).com or 516.512-9111; there is never any sales pressure with us, especially where aggressive dog training is involved.

Phone: (888) 370-7477

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